Enter GODZone

Team updates are now closed. Please contact Keren at competitor@godzoneaustralia.com if you have any queries.

To enter GODZone Chapter 6 please register here by following the instructions on the Entry Details page. Take time to read the Important Information and Pre-Requisites below before Registering.

I have read the Important Information and Pre-Requisites on this page.

Important Information

      • Entries open to all teams on the 1st of July 2016 at 9am. No entries will be accepted before this time
      • No entry will be accepted without payment of the deposit as outlined on the ENTER page
      • All teams entering as soon as entries open will be notified of whether they have been successful in securing an entry on the 8th of July – no exceptions
      • Teams entering after this time, if space is available, will be notified of their entry status immediately on receipt of deposit or payment of full balance
      • The Early Entry Discount closes to all teams on the 31st August 2016 at 5pm (balance to be paid in full)
      • Entries close to all teams on the 30th November 2016 at 5.00pm (or earlier once event is full)
      • Competitors aged under 18 at the time of the event need to contact the organisers before entering
      • Competitors who are in full time education (school or college) and who are aged 23 or under qualify for a $500 discount on their entry fees (all other payment regulations apply). Proof of Student ID will be required
      • Teams in the GZ Pure event must contain at least one female team member
      • Teams in the GZ Pursuit event can be mixed, all male or all female. Prize categories will be decided after an evaluation of teams entered
      • If you enter the GZ Pursuit event then you need to provide a support crew to assist in the movement of your equipment around the course
      • You do not need a complete team of 4 to enter in the first instance
      • Your team entry will only be processed and accepted once you have made payment
      • If you miss the deadline for payment you will be charged accordingly, no exceptions

Keren-ProfileEntry related questions should be directed to:

Contact: Keren McSkimming Bennetts
Mobile: 029 269 5263 (international +64 29 269 5263)
Email: competitor@godzoneaustralia.com

Please be aware that Keren will not confirm whether any team has been successful in securing an entry for GODZone between the 1st of July and the 8th of July (see above).

More comprehensive details on entry fees, payments, cancellations and refunds can be found on the ENTER page.


The following are compulsory pre-requisites that teams/individuals must have before they will be permitted to compete in the event. It is up to you to ensure you fulfill the requirements below:

            • Each international competitor must have appropriate insurance cover over and above that provided by the organisation (we highly recommend that all competitors have appropriate insurance to cover any equipment loss or damage). International teams should ensure that their insurance will cover repatriation costs back to their home country. More information about ACC (New Zealand insurance can be found by clicking here)
            • Agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgement Waiver and Release form and be willing to sign this at race registration
            • Sufficient skills, experience and fitness to undertake an event of this nature.