Chapter 1

Host Location

"The Coffs Coast region of NSW is home to some of the largest preserved sections of Gondwana Rainforests in the world. GODZONE Australia - Chapter 1 participants will visit secret waterfalls and ancient forests that have been literally millions of years in the making. The event will showcase the variety of terrains not yet seen in an event on the NSW coast."

- Rob Preston (Race Director)

Host Location - Coffs Coast

The Coffs Coast has hosted adventure races in the past, but nothing as exciting as GODZONE Australia – Chapter 1. Within an easy 5-6hrs drive from major cities of Brisbane and Sydney, the host location of Coffs Harbour will combine the facilities that come with being in a city, but with endless adventure options from the door of your accommodation.

In 2021 the Coffs Coast was globally recognised as an ECO Destination… celebrated for its diverse cultural community, committed to balancing sustainable practices with first-class, nature-based visitor experiences.

The Coffs Coast is the only place in NSW where the Great Dividing Range meets the ocean… home to a rich ecosystem including world-heritage National Parks, State Forests, Flora Reserves and the Solitary Islands Marine Park, the oldest of its kind in the state, and rich in nature reserves, flora and fauna. The region also boasts sites of great significance to the traditional owners of this land, the Gumbaynggirr People.

The Coffs Coast is home to 11 National Parks, 37 State Forests, several Nature Reserves and 84,000 hectares of World Heritage Listed areas. Discover our natural areas offering bush walking, rainforests, vibrant birdlife, and blissfully relaxing places. Unwind with a picnic and spending time with loved ones.

Wander through the abundant natural wonderlands of the Coffs Coast, which are closer to the heart of the region than you might expect. Within an hour’s drive from Coffs Harbour, you can experience rare lowland rainforest, lush subtropical forest on the hinterland escarpment, tall eucalypt forest and paperbark swamp forest near the coast. Add to that the rugged coastline and sandy beaches, and the endless granite boulder strewn terrain just on the western side of the great divide and the region is an adventure course-setters dream.

Host Venue - Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is an easy 4.5hrs drive from Brisbane and 5.5hrs drive from Sydney.

Coffs Harbour Airport is one of the largest and busiest regional airports in New South Wales and is your gateway to the beautiful Coffs Coast. The airport is literally a few minutes drive from the city centre so you won’t waste hours in traffic getting to and from your flight.


Retreats, luxury beach houses resorts, holiday parks, hotels, motels, apartments and every type of accommodation imaginable is available on the Coffs coast. The Godzone Race schedule avoids the NSW school holidays, but you will want to book your accommodation early as springtime is a great time to visit the Coffs Coast.


Family fun

We couldn’t talk about the Coff’s Coast without mentioning the world famous Big Banana Fun Park. Often voted the number one fun destination on the north coast, there are loads of rides and attractions to keep the kids entertained all day long. But there are plenty of other attractions in the region such as the Tree Tops Adventure Coffs Harbour, Dolphin Marine Conservation Park and the Coffs Harbour Butterfly Park. We encourage you to bring your families to enjoy the region while you are busy getting sweaty. Check out more activities here.

Coffs Coast - Australia

The Home of Adventure

Taking you to places other races just can't reach

The Home of Adventure
  • Cool Host Town
    Cool Host Town

    Coffs Harbour is the perfect host town for GODZONE. All the amenities you need and close to everything. A great place to hang out for support crews with lots going on nearby.

  • Stunning Coastlines
    Stunning Coastlines

    Coffs Coast offers almost endless, rugged coastlines and beaches. Sand, rocky headlands, and swampy wetlands are all part of the coastal terrain you will experience.

  • Water That Inspires
    Water That Inspires

    Water is a key part of GODZONE Australia- Chapter 1. There are literally millions of rivers threading their way through this ancient land. You will enjoy rocky rapids, fast flowing rivers and ocean swells so make sure paddling is a key part of your training program.

  • Huge Fan Engagement
    Huge Fan Engagement

    GODZONE gets more followers than any other expedition race on Earth. People want to be engaged in your journey and we will allow your families to feel like they are part of the journey with you.

  • Navigation Focused
    Navigation Focused

    Race Director Rob Preston is a world Rogaining Champion and has prepared a course that will challenge the most wiley and experienced navigators in the sport. During the day, navigation can be challenging. At night...be prepared.

  • Ultimate Team Challenge
    Ultimate Team Challenge

    This is the ultimate team challenge for those into adventure. You are given almost 9 days to complete the course. To make it to the finish in the time allowed is the holy grail.