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What nights do I need accommodation for?

We highly recommend that teams get to the event well in advance of the start. This allows them to get settled in, organise any kit niggles, familiarise themselves with the area and generally begin the race as stress free as possible. Teams should follow the pointers in the Newsletters but we suggest you get to

Can I bring a cardboard bike box?

No. Bike boxes need to be robust, water resistant and conform to the spec laid out in the newsletters. Generally we recommend corflute or similar materials for construction, though you are permitted to have a box which has a corflute (or similar) outer shell with some cardboard on the inside.

I have an existing bike box that doesn’t meet the specifications, is that OK?

No. Only one team turned up to Chapter 1 with boxes that did not comply and they ended up with bent axles before they even started. We require standardised boxes to ensure that our logistics operation runs smoothly. Trailers have been constructed with widths, heights, lengths and weight in mind. We have not arbitrarily picked

Is it OK to stick paper numbers on the outside of my bike and gear boxes?

No. We asked teams not to do this at Chapter 1 but apparently we didn’t make it very clear as most teams did. Boxes are pushed and squeezed into all sorts of places and it can rain here. Paper stuck to the outside of your box is just waiting to get ripped off so please

Are there weight and size limits on the gear and bike boxes?

All this information will be revealed in the Newsletters. But in the interim, boxes must weigh no more than 35kg for bike boxes and 30kg for gear boxes. The gear boxes are a standardised design for all. The bike boxes must measure no greater than 140x80x30.

What happens if my gear is lost or if something breaks in my box?

It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that all items are packed safely and with suitable protection. The organisers will accept no responsibility for gear that is damaged or lost in transit – even if it is the fault of the Volunteers or Logistics Crews. We urge all competitors to take out suitable

When will we get the final version of the Mandatory Gear List?

This will be distributed with the final Newsletter which is due to be released one month before the race starts. The current (V.1) version will not change significantly. There may, however, be some additional items of equipment required that relate to a specific section of the event.

Where can I find information about previous events?

There is an archive of information under the History tab which is contained on the Main Menu at the top of the page. Images and videos can be found under the Media Tab. To download images you will need a flickr account. Videos are hosted on our Vimeo Channel. Our Facebook Page holds a lot

Can we view last years Live Coverage site?

Not at this time. We’ve put it to bed for a while until we have made some technological advances. We strongly believe that the Live Coverage site is a vital tool for getting your story and adventure out there so we shall be putting a lot of time and effort into making it even better.

I want to do the event but I don’t have any team mates. What can I do?

Don’t fret, there will be lots of other people in the same shoes. We can help put people in touch with other like-minded souls if you contact us. However, the best place to find possible team mates is via our Facebook page, at local sport clubs or through endurance-based websites such as Sportzhub and Sleepmonsters.