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The entry fee is a lot of money, how come?

Rest assured we do everything we can to keep the price down. Competitors should be aware that entry fees covers less than half the cost of putting on the event with the balance made up by additional income streams and the massive generosity of sponsors, volunteers and a lot of other people who dedicate weeks

Can we pay fees individually?

The deposit that secures your team entry must be paid in one single payment. The balance of your race entry fee can be paid in more than one payment but we urge you to keep transactions to a minimum so that we don’t have to spend many hours managing and reconciling payments. Please remember to

We have a student in our team but are unsure how much deposit we should pay?

All discounts will be calculated out of the final balance payable figure. Therefore, student teams or teams with students in them need to pay $1,500 to secure their entry in the first instance.

Do I have to have all my team members organised to enter?

No, anyone can enter and secure a spot with their deposit as we only require the team captains details for registration purposes (though you will be able to change the leadership role if you so desire at a later date).