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    To enter GODZONE Chapter 1 please register using the form on this page. Comprehensive instructions for entry can be found on the Entry Info page. Please read the Important Information and Pre-Requisites before registering.

    If you are not quite ready to commit to racing but want to keep in the loop then Register Your Interest as your Intention. Otherwise select your Intention as Enter Now and get into GODZONE!

    We often need to contact you regarding your entry so please give us a Country where you live and a Mobile Number we can call you on. Please choose a unique Team Name. You can always change it later on.

    All entry related questions should be directed to:

    Contact: Rob Preston
    Mobile: 040 329 6516 (intl +61 040 329 6516)
    Email: info@godzoneaustralia.com

    Important Information

    • Entries officially open on the 12th of December 2022 at 9am AEDT (UTC +11:00)
    • Teams may register but an entry spot is not secured until payment of at least the deposit, as outlined on the Entry Info page
    • The Early Entry Discount ceases at 11.59pm AEDT, Wednesday 1st February 2023 (balance to be paid in full)
    • Entries officially close on the 13th of July 2023 at 11.59pm AEDT (or earlier once event is full)
    • Competitors aged under 18 at the time of the event need to contact the organisers before entering
    • Competitors who are in full time education (school or college) and who are aged 23 or under qualify for a $500 discount on their entry fees (all other payment regulations apply). Proof of Student ID is required
    • All teams must bring a support crew to Chapter 1
    • Teams in the GZ Pure event must contain at least one female team member to be officially ranked
    • Teams in the GZ Pure event without a female do not qualify for trophies or prizes
    • Teams in the GZ Pursuit event without a female will be ranked but do not qualify for trophies or prizes
    • Teams do not need a complete quota of 4 competitors to enter in the first instance
    • Teams that miss the deadline for payment will be charged accordingly, no exceptions


    • Every competitor accepts before starting that they are responsible for their own safety during the event
    • Every competitor accepts that decisions must be made in the best interest of the team and not the individual
    • Each competitor must have sufficient skills, experience and fitness to undertake an event of this nature
    • Teams must ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the abilities of their team mates
    • Competitors must pass on any relevant and important medical information to the event organisers and team mates before the start of the event
    • Every competitor and team must accept that they will be asked to leave the course if they deemed to have insufficient outdoor skills, fitness or generally fail to meet the standards expected at GODZONE
    • Every team enters in the knowledge that if they become unranked or fall a long way behind expected time estimates that the organisers are not obliged to allow the team to continue on the course
    • International teams must have appropriate insurance cover over and above that provided by the organisation
    • International teams should ensure that their insurance will cover repatriation costs back to their home country
    • The organisers highly recommend that all competitors have appropriate insurance to cover any equipment loss or damage. More information about Australian insurance can be located on the Certification page
    • Teams must agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgement Waiver and Release form and be willing to sign at race registration