Race Rules (Preliminary)

We have tried to keep rules to a minimum and you should remember that they are there for your safety and to create a fair event. We encourage all competitors to abide by these rules and the spirit in which they are written. Any teams found breaking rules deliberately or purposely skewing the interpretation of rules for their benefit will be disqualified. A final version of the rules will be released closer to the event start.

We urge all competitors to become familiar with these rules and to seek clarification before the start of the event if they are unsure of anything. For those who have attention deficit disorder or who prefer to skim read, we have summarised the crucial rules for their benefit:

  • Look after your team mates and make sure your decision making is based on the capabilities of all those in the team
  • Be sure to check you have all mandatory equipment as set out in the Race Handbook before you depart on a stage. Random checks will be made and time penalties applied. Do not blame officials for your errors
  • Do not use any communication devices or GPS other than those sanctioned by the organisers
  • Once teams have received the Maps and Team Handbook they should receive absolutely no assistance from anyone other than their registered support crews. This assistance should be restricted to planning prior to race start and then should only take place in designated transition areas (“TA’s”).  Route advice, phone calls to people with local knowledge, etc will be seen as cheating and may lead to disqualification (even if you have been Short Coursed)
  • Stay together (within 100m) at all times. This distance may be shortened on particularly challenging sections (such as Grade III whitewater or where the risk of getting lost in thick bush is high)
  • Never ever drop litter. Never leave any rubbish in back country huts or other locations out on the course. Take everything out with you and get your support crew to dispose of it responsibly
  • Treat all members of the public, landowners and other hut residents with the utmost respect

I. Registration

  1. All team members must be present at registration and all pre-event safety briefings
  2. At least one registered member of a team support crew must attend the competitor safety briefing
  3. At least one registered member of a team support crew must attend any support crew briefings

II. Equipment

  1. Mandatory “Personal” equipment must be carried by each individual competitor. For example, if a waterproof jacket is mandatory personal equipment, it must be carried by each competitor and not by team mates. This is for safety reasons as competitors have become separated from their teams in the past
  2. Mandatory “Team” equipment may be carried by anyone on the team
  3. Teams must comply with scheduled and random equipment inspections on the course
  4. If a piece of mandatory equipment is accidentally lost during the course of the race, you must report this to the race official at the next TA. You must remain at that TA until a replacement can be found
  5. All team members must wear their race bib as the outer most garment for the duration of the race (including over PFDs). Modification and obstruction of the printing on the bib is not permitted. Sponsor logos or patches are not permitted to be added to the race bibs
  6. Vest-type front packs or those with large pockets on the front that obstruct printing on the front of the bib must be worn under the bib or not at all
  7. Prohibited Team Items: (This rule will be checked and penalties will be harsh)
    – Mobile phones, radios, smart phones, internet, computers or other communication devices other than those provided by the event.
    – A GPS device of any kind is not permitted other than those provided by the event
    – Distance measuring devices including foot pod accelerometers, pedometers, etc (excluding cycle computer)
    – Firearms
  8. Once the race has started, teams may only use official race maps as provided by the organisers
  9. Teams are not permitted to make modifications to their kayaks and canoes so as to benefit from the wind other than via the use of Mandatory Equipment
  10. No equipment, food, provisions or anything else is permitted to be dropped or cached by teams or supporters on the course prior to the start or by support crews prior to or during the race
  11. When leaving a TA it is the team and support crew’s responsibility to make sure that they have dropped no litter and that all waste is removed and recycled appropriately

III(a). Team Assistance

  1. Once the Maps and Team Handbook are given to teams, only registered support crew members are permitted to assist in race preparation, planning, route information, access any team equipment or in any way provide assistance to the team in their preparation. This restriction remains in place for the entire duration of the event
  2. Additional friends, family and supporters are not permitted to pass important race-related information such that might allow a team to gain an unfair advantage
  3. Teams are not permitted to use assistance from the general public in the form of motorised transport
  4. No assistance may be sought from the general public that involves the team or their equipment being moved in any way or assisting their movement along the course
  5. Teams that become unranked or that are short-coursed must abide by the above rules regardless of their position in the event
  6. Short coursed or unranked teams are not permitted to assist teams on the Full Course in any way (other than in case of a medical or emergency situation). Full Course teams are permitted to assist other Full Course teams and Short Course teams are permitted to assist other Short Course teams.
  7. Transition Areas (also known as TA’s) may close as early as 4hrs after the last team has arrived at the TA in question

III(b). Support Crews

The ethos of a supported event is to allow and encourage support of the teams at intermittent and pre-determined locations that are fairly and equally available to all teams. Support is to be strictly contained to pre-race preparation and in designated TA’s. Support provided whilst out on the course will be seen as a flagrant breaking of the ‘Support’ Rules below and will also be seen as a breach of the spirit of the event. It will mean almost certain disqualification.

  1. Each GODZONE team must have an allocated support crew
  2. Teams may register up to 6 support crew members before the race starts
  3. Only two support crew members may actively assist a team at any one time inside the designated TA
  4. Support crews assisting inside the designated TA must wear the two bibs provided by the event organisers
  5. Once the Maps and Team Handbook are given to teams the registered support crew are permitted to help in any race preparation, planning, route choices and may assist the team with their equipment prior to race start. Once the race has officially started, only two out of the registered support crew may assist at any one TA. Support crew are at liberty to swap between registered members at different TA’s
  6. Support crews are permitted to use mobile phones, computers, macs and tablets whilst in the designated TA. However, these are PROHIBITED ITEMS for teams and should not be used or on display when teams are actively in a designated TA. Information shared between support crew and team in TA must be done by oral communication or transposed on to provided topographical maps. No sharing or displaying of any information on screens or electronic devices
  7. The support crew must have ID on display at all times whilst in the TA (provided by organisation)
  8. The support crew is limited to the use of 1 vehicle inside the designated TA
  9. Once the event has started, support crews are only permitted to assist their team in designated TA (no food, advice, shelter, or other supplies may be provided out on the course)
  10. Support crews are strictly forbidden from reccying, travelling on or exploring parts of the course once the event has started and must keep all interaction with the team to designated TA’s or permitted ‘meeting points’
  11. Support crews are not permitted to assist (unless a medical or emergency situation) other teams
  12. TA’s may close as early as 4hrs after the last team has arrived at the TA in question, by which time support crews must have moved on
  13. Support crews must obey all information in regards to restricted access to TA’s and follow any advice regarding road conditions, parking, optimal routes for driving and any time restrictions regarding to opening and closing of said TA
  14. No dogs at any time on the course or in any TA
  15. Teams will be disqualified if their support crew are hostile, abusive, fail to abide by rules or are unnecessarily combative with staff or volunteers

IV. Team Travel and the Race Course

  1. Team members and support crews are not permitted to knowingly travel on any part of the course prior to the start
  2. Teams must start and finish with the specified number of members. No substitutions are permitted unless sanctioned by Event HQ
  3. Teams must complete the course as specified in the Team Handbook. Unless specified, stages of the event and CP’s must be visited in order
  4. A team must never have a distance of greater than 100 metres separating the first team member from the last. This rule will be checked and time penalties applied. Event organisers may waiver this requirement in certain situations or tighten the distance (e.g., for swimming)
  5. Teams must not travel in Out of Bounds areas (these will be marked on the maps)
  6. Teams must abide by civil laws at all times – ie, cycle on the left, wear a bike helmet, etc
  7. Teams must conduct themselves with the highest respect for the general public, the race, the officials and fellow competitors

V. Team or Team Member Withdrawal

  1. In the case of withdrawal of a team member, or an entire team, Event HQ must be notified by the quickest possible means
  2. If a one or more team members decides to withdraw from the race, the whole team must escort that member (or members) to the nearest TA or Search and Rescue Crew. Permission must be obtained from Event HQ if the team wishes to continue on the course Unranked. There is no automatic right to continue in the event and the decision will be based on, amongst other things; weather, timing, team well-being, etc

VI. Medical & Emergencies

  1. The event organisers decision to remove a person due to medical or safety reasons is final
  2. Intravenous Fluids (IV) may only be administered by approved medical staff. Any administration of IV fluids will result in the team becoming Unranked
  3. Should a team require medical assistance it is the decision of the event medical staff and race management team who will decide when and if that team is permitted to continue
  4. If you or your team comes across someone (be they involved with the event or not) who is in a genuine emergency situation, you MUST stop and give assistance. Organisers will attempt to re-credit lost time where possible
  5. Emergency communications devices should only be used in a situation where you require immediate assistance, or if there is a real danger to yourself or others in the event
  6. Use of the emergency tracking device for assistance purposes will automatically mean that the Team becomes Unranked
  7. Teams may use the emergency tracking device to let Event HQ know that they are safe and well without becoming Unranked

VII. Penalties and Disqualification

  1. Deliberately breaking any rule to gain advantage (i.e. cheating) will result in disqualification
  2. If a time penalty is awarded to a team they will, as a general rule, serve it immediately without access to support crew or TA equipment
  3. Any penalties will be awarded and applied by the Race Referee. Teams will be notified of any penalties as soon as possible on the course
  4. Failure to carry an item of mandatory kit will mean that the team will not be able to continue until a replacement is found. A time penalty will be applied for items depending upon safety impact
  5. Unintentional breaches of the rules (such as not wearing your bib on the outside) and forgetting of equipment will receive a bespoke penalty depending the severity of the offence. A second offence will mean teams receive the maximum penalty for that offence. A third offence will mean automatic disqualification for the team
  6. In the case of missing Mandatory Equipment the penalty clock will start once a replacement has been found
  7. Teams failing to reach a TA or CP will be deemed to be Unranked. Notable exceptions being teams moved on to the Short Course
  8. The final decision is made by the Independent Race Referee
  9. Bad behaviour towards race officials, volunteers, the public and anyone else will not be tolerated and will result in instant disqualification
  10. Teams will have 12 hours after the Finish to appeal any decision but should be aware that the Race Referees decision is final

VIII. Environment

  1. Outdoor athletes are, as a general rule, very aware of their pristine environment and how to look after it. However, the basic rules should be adhered to:
  • No fires unless in an emergency
  • Respect wildlife, all farm stock and fences
  • Take all litter out with you and clean out your boats and kayaks
  • Leave nothing in backcountry huts or any other areas out on the course
  • There will be a zero tolerance policy towards litter in the TA’s
  • Be discreet and conscientious about where you go to the toilet and follow the guidelines outlined here https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/know-before-you-go/disposing-of-human-waste/

IX. Miscellaneous

  1. Competitors are not to remove, tamper or adjust event equipment at any time. For example equipment such as CP markers, punches, signs, route marking, etc
  2. Competitors must follow any additional rules outlined in any of the race briefings. Competitors must also follow directions issued by Event Officials
  3. Prize money, trophies and other prizes are at the discretion of the race organisers and may be removed or changed at any time before the event starts
  4. Any complaints or protests must be in writing and submitted to Event HQ within 12hrs of either finishing or withdrawing from the event

X. Conclusion

  1. The overriding consideration with these rules is to use common sense and to appreciate the intention of the organiser and the spirit of the event. Organisers will not be sympathetic to teams attempting to use loop holes in the above rules
  2. In all respects, decisions by Race Referee are final