Agreement Document – Volunteers


1. I understand and acknowledge that volunteering for GODZONE 2023 will involve encountering various identified hazards. Hazards include, but are not limited to remoteness, working at night, becoming lost, vehicle traffic, actions of other participant’s spectators and public, weather conditions, sleeplessness, natural and manmade objects in the environment and other unspecified hazards.  I agree to report any additional hazards, incidents, accidents or any safety concerns immediately to Race HQ or the Volunteer Manager.

2. In my judgment I have sufficient competence, knowledge, common sense, experience, survival skills and equipment to volunteer for specific event roles in a manner safe to myself and others. And I will seek support if I am feeling out of my depth or struggling with the commitment required.

3. I certify that I am physically fit and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person that I cannot volunteer for the Event.

4. I acknowledge that I will need to attend pre event induction prior to any deployment on course.

5. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my personal possessions and equipment during the Event.

6. I accept the communications, search, rescue and medical aid arrangements put in place by the organisers. I understand and agree that in the first instance I am responsible for the provision of first aid to myself and those around me. I give my consent to receive any first aid and medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event accident, injury and/or illness as a result of my involvement in the Event.

7. I certify that the medical information supplied by me on the Volunteer form is true and I consent to and authorise that information to be provided to any medical practitioner, ambulance officer or any person involved or associated with any medical treatment or assistance that may be given to me as a result of my volunteering for the Event, regardless of whether the treatment is given.

8. I agree to allow my photograph, video, multimedia or film likeness and or name to be used for any legitimate purpose by 100% PURE Racing, it’s sponsors or assigns without notification, payment or compensation.

9. I acknowledge that the Event arranged insurance covers myself for public liability whilst volunteering for this event. As an ‘international’ volunteer I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to arrange suitable insurance cover to ensure, amongst other things, repatriation after the Event.

10. I certify that I will be eighteen (18) years of age or older before the Event starts or that I have full permission from my parent/guardian and they have read and understood the above and will co-sign below.

11. I agree to respect the Operational Guidelines of the event organisers.

I have carefully read this form, understand and agree to its contents.

Volunteers Name

Volunteers Signature


Parent/Guardians Name

Parent/Guardians Signature

Please print out, sign it and bring it with you to the event registration.