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Are there any races you would recommend as good preparation?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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There are number of adventure races in New Zealand and overseas that will give you a good introduction to the basic dynamics of GODZONE. Any adventure race which includes real navigation and time outdoors will be beneficial to do. The best options are the 12hr and 24hr versions which introduce elements of strategy, navigation, team work, a small amount of sleep deprivation and the all-important transitions. Rogaine events are also a fantastic way to improve your skills and these can be done as a team of four and some of these events last for 24hrs. In fact, for the team navigator (and back up navigator) any event which incorporates some element of navigation is a good option.

That said do not fall into the trap of thinking that just because you have done an expedition race in another country or a 24hr race that you have the skills to canter through GODZONE. Many overseas teams have come to New Zealand and been surprised at the technical difficulty of the event. GODZONE is the most technically demanding event in world adventure racing and you need to take your skill preparation at least as seriously as your physical training.

Generally speaking it’s difficult to replicate the efforts you put into a race in training so lots of racing should lead to rapid improvements in performance. However, you need to remember that your race pace during GODZONE is likely to be considerably less than what you might do in a traditional endurance event over a few hours. Sure, use all types of races for getting fit, keeping things fresh and for enjoyment but please don’t assume that running a fast marathon or two will suddenly mean that you’ll be running all the time at GODZONE – you won’t.

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