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Sunday 11th May 2014

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Some of you will already have made the decision to compete at GODZONE despite never having done anything quite like it before. Bravo. Some of you will be wondering whether you have it in you to complete something so demanding. Truth be known we don’t know if you do or if you don’t. What we do know, however, is that spending the next few years wondering about it will prove nothing and you’ll miss out on a truly unique experience. There is nothing even close to this event in New Zealand.

We’re not so deluded to claim that you’ll all come through with flying colours. That you’ll sprint through the finish tape carrying your 3 wrecked team mates, kiss your biceps and salute the cheering crowd who are spellbound by your awesomeness. Or, that every single one of you will reach the finish. That’s just not the way of things in this sport and, besides, reaching the finish is just one of the reasons for doing GODZONE. If you do take the plunge we have no doubt that you’ll become utterly immersed in the nature of adventure racing. You’ll seek out new pastures in your home town and further afield, you’ll polish or learn new skills, you’ll develop friendships and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll reconnect with the great outdoors and the skills required to spend time in the wilderness.

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