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How do I know if I am capable of completing GODZONE?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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In an event as long as GODZONE strength and speed are much less important than would otherwise be the case in events that typically last a few hours. Mental strength, good planning and team work are much more important than in other more traditional endurance events. Good planning means not only arriving at the event with your kit and mind in good order. It also means making sure that you plan your training and preparation smartly in the months leading up to the event.

Whether you end up completing the full course or short course does not really matter for the first timer. What matters is that you are out there doing it, taking in the amazing experience of racing in New Zealand’s wilderness. As an example of what is possible, a novice team raced at Chapter 1 and made it through the short course. In Chapter 2, this team squeezed through the full course. By Chapter 3 they were pushing for a top 10 finish. If you are motivated, intelligent about your training, have an open mind and the drive, you can do it, regardless of your sporting pedigree.

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