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I’m wondering about realistic expectations for the team. What should the finish goals be for our first GODZONE?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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Simply to finish. It doesn’t matter whether you do that via the full course or the short course but your lazer-guided attention should be on getting to the finish line in the time allowed – usually 7 days but it could be up to 10. It is entirely impractical for us to leave the course open for the length of time it would take every team to finish the full course which is why we employ a short course option. This in no way diminishes the achievement of those who complete the short course – in fact, the opposite is probably true. I’m personally of the opinion that it’s mentally a lot tougher (and impressive) to be a team at the back doing a short course over 7 days or more than it is to be fast team and be out there for just 3 and half days, even if they do the full course. The odd person seems to think that a person who only completes the short course is less of an achiever at GODZONE but these people don’t really understand the sport and have probably never done anything like it before.

It’s important that the team is collectively on the same page when it comes to your race expectations and a bit of honesty goes a long way in this regard. If your team is just focusing on getting to the finish and you wish to place on the podium then it’s best to get that out in the open as soon as possible. It doesn’t mean that the team dynamic is set to fail but at least you can work out some common ground and nobody is left under any illusion. The worst place to find these sorts of things out is during the race. But, it happens and we see the odd team, every Chapter, dealing with personnel issues – normally as a result of poor pre-race communications and expectations.

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