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Is it true that GODZONE is more of a mental challenge than a physical one?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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It all depends on the person providing the answer. Some people are predisposed to be strong physically; others seem to deal with mental challenges without blinking. A few very lucky individuals are blessed both mentally and physically and they will often make good adventure racers. There is no doubt that the psychological effects of racing over many days, with little sleep, can have a debilitating effect on even the most hardy souls and we have seen elite athletes from other sports reduced to sobs, tears and a whole lot more. The team aspect of the race can provide valuable support to certain individuals but for others it can be a lightning rod for discord.

From the moment you enter GODZONE you can view every part of your experience as part of your mental training. You will sometimes experience doubts about your ability or whether you have prepared enough. Some mornings you will look out of the window, see the rain and try to persuade yourself not to head out on that 5hr bike ride you had planned through Muddy Valley. There will be times when you and your team will disagree about a piece of equipment and you will have to decide whether to let it go or fight your corner. Mental strength comes from understanding how you deal with physical and social challenges day in and day out. If you can become mentally strong in the months leading up to the event than there is little doubt that your experience at GODZONE will be improved. The reality is that most people who have retired from a Chapter of GODZONE have done so because they are mentally not willing or capable of carrying on, rather than injured to the point where they can’t continue.

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