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What are your top tips for getting to the finish?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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Navigation, navigation, navigation. It is the most important factor in a successful outcome at GODZONE. If you are the team navigator then you will have a disproportionate input into the eventual outcome of the team. Get outdoors and practice whenever you can. If you are not the team navigator then your job is simple. Either, get better and become the team navigator or suck up the navigators mistakes without negative comment.

Condition your body and mind to the rigours of GODZONE. Take a look at the History section of the event, read race reports from teams who took part and try to build a picture of what you are going to come against – then emulate that in training. I like a 6-8 week conditioning period in the last couple of months before a race like GODZONE. In this period I will drop nearly all general ‘fitness’ training and focus on long missions that condition my feet, backside, hands, etc.  All the areas that you never think about when normally training but can’t stop thinking about in an expedition adventure race as they usually cause most pain.

Be realistic about your personal and team aspirations. Too many first time participants aim for a placing when they should just aim to finish either the full or short course in the time allowed.

Try and get organised as soon as possible. It is always amazing how many questions we get about kit and logistics in the last couple of weeks before the event starts.

It might sound like stating the obvious but the slow teams lose the most time when they are not moving. Put it another way, when the slow teams are moving they are usually moving at a speed that is not too different from the fast teams. However, it is the repetitive stops to check they are going the right way, the time spent lost, the faffing, the idling in transition and the long sleeps, that really make all the difference. If you want to give yourself the best chance of completing the course you don’t need to be a sporting monster. You need to be well prepared, you need to go the right way and you need to move forward steadily and not succumb to the temptation to stop at every opportunity.

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