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Will I need a lot of specialist equipment and gear?

Sunday 11th May 2014

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You can see an outline of the basic Mandatory Gear List under the Resources tab. The gear list is pretty long compared to most other sports but then again, you may be out on your own for 7 days or more so it’s not that surprising. Many of the items are standard things that you would carry if you were tramping in your local hills so you are likely to have them anyway. As an event we realise the benefits of us providing as much quality specialist equipment for the teams as possible. We provide double sea kayaks, inflatable canoes and spray decks. GODZONE’S fleet of boats is the beyond comparison with any other event in World adventure racing. We want to test people’s ability at our races, take them into challenging water and that means we have invested in the very best fleet ever seen in the history of the sport.

Depending on the race location you may be required to bring specific items relevant to a particular stage. For example, crampons, ice axes, harnesses and climbing helmet were required at Chapter 2 for glacier travel on the Annette Plateau. You will be given ample warning in advance, via the regular Newsletters, about the inclusion of these items to give you the time to acquire them and learn how to use them correctly.

One key point to remember as a first timer at GODZONE is that acquiring equipment is the easy bit. Acquiring the skills to use that piece of equipment is not so easy. Furthermore, whether that item of equipment, which fitted like a velvet glove in the shop, works after 5 days in the heat of the event is another matter too. The best investment you will make in any piece of equipment is the time you put into using it and we whole heartedly recommend that you get outside and thrash your equipment wherever possible – particularly on the water (it’s the area where most skill shortfalls are apparent).

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