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How do I know if I am capable of completing GODZONE?

In an event as long as GODZONE strength and speed are much less important than would otherwise be the case in events that typically last a few hours. Mental strength, good planning and team work are much more important than in other more traditional endurance events. Good planning means not only arriving at the event

Where on Earth will I find the time to train for GODZONE when I have a demanding job and a young family?

GODZONE appeals to a wide range of different age groups and across the employment spectrum. However, working professionals aged between 30 and 45 make up the significant bulk of our competitors. These people, like many busy people around the World, are time short and faced with multiple commitments. But, as Benjamin Franklin said, if you

I’m wondering about realistic expectations for the team. What should the finish goals be for our first GODZONE?

Simply to finish. It doesn’t matter whether you do that via the full course or the short course but your lazer-guided attention should be on getting to the finish line in the time allowed – usually 7 days but it could be up to 10. It is entirely impractical for us to leave the course

Will I need a lot of specialist equipment and gear?

You can see an outline of the basic Mandatory Gear List under the Resources tab. The gear list is pretty long compared to most other sports but then again, you may be out on your own for 7 days or more so it’s not that surprising. Many of the items are standard things that you

Would it make sense for me or the team to get a coach?

This is an incredibly subjective area and really depends on the person or team involved. Some people thrive on the structure of plans and guidance. Others wilt under the demands of a coach and can even find them demotivating in the long term. The physical training required to give you a realistic chance of finishing

Is it true that GODZONE is more of a mental challenge than a physical one?

It all depends on the person providing the answer. Some people are predisposed to be strong physically; others seem to deal with mental challenges without blinking. A few very lucky individuals are blessed both mentally and physically and they will often make good adventure racers. There is no doubt that the psychological effects of racing

OK, I’ve already signed up for GODZONE and it is 8 months away. When should I start my training?

This very much depends on your current level of fitness, strength in the key disciplines of trekking, biking, kayaking and canoeing , the amount of time you want to dedicate to training each week and your race expectations. The obvious answer is straight away and if you feel you have the mental and physical stamina

Are there any races you would recommend as good preparation?

There are number of adventure races in New Zealand and overseas that will give you a good introduction to the basic dynamics of GODZONE. Any adventure race which includes real navigation and time outdoors will be beneficial to do. The best options are the 12hr and 24hr versions which introduce elements of strategy, navigation, team

What are your top tips for getting to the finish?

Navigation, navigation, navigation. It is the most important factor in a successful outcome at GODZONE. If you are the team navigator then you will have a disproportionate input into the eventual outcome of the team. Get outdoors and practice whenever you can. If you are not the team navigator then your job is simple. Either,

Can I do it?

Some of you will already have made the decision to compete at GODZONE despite never having done anything quite like it before. Bravo. Some of you will be wondering whether you have it in you to complete something so demanding. Truth be known we don’t know if you do or if you don’t. What we